Last night I was asked to do the one thing I’ve been waiting almost 10 years to hear: Alicia wants me to make her a “best of Britpop” mix CD. I am very excited. She doesn’t want anything current. I don’t appear to have as many Britpop albums as I used to, so I’m going to have to sneak in a couple of Granddad rockers. I don’t listen to much Britpop anymore (I tend to only rock out to Wilco or “Veronica Mars” these days). Supergrass’s “I Should Coco” still is the best BP album. Oasis is the most memorable act to come from the scene. I forget the Dandy Warhols are American.

In other exciting news, today is the 25th birthday of my constant chum Susan. Hip Hip Hooray.

Yesterday my parents made me see “Harry Potter and Whatever It’s Called, I Can’t Remember.” I didn’t want to go (not that I have anything against HP) but they bought me a ticket anyway. I sat between my brother Charlie and cousin Johnathan, and my grandparents, an aunt, my parents, and two other cousins were there. We had to arrive about an hour early to make sure we could sit together. My grandpa brought plastic bags we all had popcorn to eat from the free refills we got with the large tub. Everyone brought candy. My mom carved a roast. I liked the movie, but it follows the same formula as the others. It could have been a half hour shorter if they didn’t have those “ooh, look, it’s magic — let’s get every student to react” scenes. Like they’ve never seen the headmaster turn out the lights with his hands before. Come on, they’ve been there for four years.