One of my favorite things to do (after cleaning my gun and listening to Rod Stewart LPs) is running a google search on my name. I’m lucky, having been a freelance journalist (I do get to call myself that) gives me lots of postings. My earliest KG link is from 1997, a review for Ash’s “1977” for InSync, the high school weekly published by the Richmond Times-Dispatch. I remember the first time I searched myself, also in 1997, and found another InSync review for a crap band called Ruth Ruth. There are at least five links to that review (all broken by now). How did something like that, that wasn’t even online at the time, get reproduced? It wasn’t even a favorable review! That sort of creeps me out that people harvest information like that. Or maybe it’s flattering. An indie rock cover story I wrote for the RTD three years ago also had repeated postings (one guy wrote a criticism about it, I can’t figure out the others). A mention of a Chop Suey reading made it onto a Gerow genealogy site.

So what I’m saying is, I ate a lot of pizza tonight and am too much to carry to bed.