January 2006

Watching “The Notebook” reminds me of Nomy Lamm’s “It’s a Big Fat Revolution.” She writes, as an example of a desperate thought of a heavy girl, “I will never fall in love because I cannot be picked up and swung around in circles.”

Anyone who’s seen “Fat Girl” knows what happens to the plump ones. Scariest movie ending ever.

“We can ride a camel. One hump or two?”

Other sketches included “Kelly wonders what everyone else is doing” and “Kelly falls asleep at her computer at work.” Those made it to the trash bin. This one is called “And I worried about possums.”

Lazy Saturday, woke in the late afternoon, AIMED Joey just to see what he was doing. We decided to end the year with a burger. I mean, we tend to end anything with that. First we tried Five Guys, but they had just closed. Next we tried 821 Cafe, which is turning into the new Brasil Cafe what with being closed all the time. Everyone was out trimming their beards, probably. We ended up at 4th St. This time I had a bacon cheeseburger. It was okay. The chips were out of control seasoned. To break up the routine we’re making sloppy joes next.

Christophile had a New Year’s Eve party at Rick’s place. It was really nice. I didn’t want to go out anywhere, so I’m glad we all got too drunk to leave until after midnight.

If I was going to say something sentimental about 2005 it would be that it was a great year for friends. I have a good gang and I’m proud of them and I’m always eager to introduce them to other people. They get along with each other and they all like to photoshop my head into various photos.

I’m looking forward to the new year. A lot happened in 2005 but not that much changed. Plus, I’ve been spending too much time watching this sort of thing: