February 2006

Christie and me on Christmas. Who took home that giant present behind the couch? I had to pretend for hours that I didn’t know it was a TV for me.

Though sometimes it’s just easier to call Alicia and say “hey, guess what, I like moon pies and today someone sent me an email with a picture of an alligator that said ‘gator done.'”

This is a picture of my dad, our cat Buzz, and me. My sister Christie took him after our parents moved. He died this morning. He was ornery but he loved Christie and she loved him. Here I am doing my impression of him, with the sick eye and cone around my neck. Note my dad’s Clooneyesque beard.

We don’t have very good luck with cats. One out of twenty lives a good life. And literally I mean one out of twenty, we have had that many.

Christophile sent this to me and it’s so cute it makes my ears bleed.


It’s so Asian, it’s American.

And it’s throwing me off. I actually question reality, and not in that stupid bumper sticker way. I was getting ready to tell Susan about something awful that happened at Ipanema the other night and I had to tell myself, “K-Dog, that totally DID NOT happen. Plus, Susan isn’t downstairs, anyway, I don’t know who you think you’re talking to.” Last night I had a dream that I had a dream about someone who was sitting on a bench across from my cubicle and my boss was making fun of me. Now I have to go to work, on a Sunday.

Also, in addition to this, I can’t stop thinking about broccoli pizza. Maybe I’ll make some tonight on a study break.

I hope this is enough, Alicia. Sorry I don’t have time to find photos.