From a sheet of notes found while unpacking:


– she introduces me as “the best friend”

– I was telling her

– best I can explain this

– I won’t be scared to death

– law that requires two people

– she grabs the phone

– End o’ the line

– I knew I was going to die

– broke the news in the solarium


– resurrection

– we could have cried then

– Tell me . . . about that chimp, talking hands

– not wanting to go back to the zoo


– What danger is often not, beach is, things that just lie there

– earthquake, earthquake, earthquake

– say next, if, and when

– couldn’t be afraid together


– I see fear in her now and am not going to talk her out of it

– sand sharks keep cruising bodies alive

what’s the effect?

I’m going to guess these are notes based on a Norton Anthology text read in college, or track listings from the last two Belle & Sebastian albums.