However, when I geek out about him, part of me feels very guilty, like I’m calling an old boyfriend to just ask how he’s doing. It’s a weird association, and I forget that EC is an entertainer and I love him, and so I declare that “This Year’s Model” is my favorite record. Take that, “The Hour of Bewilderbeast.” Crap, I love that album, too.

Tonight Thara and I saw “Inside Man” at the Byrd. I was given the heads up that “Chaiyya Chaiyya” from “Dil Se” was in the latest Spike Lee movie, but that it opened the movie with a Clive Owen monologue made me wet my pants. That song is so good, it makes me forget the damage that the crap movie “Salaam Namaste” did to my soul. I swear, some times I wake up angry just thinking about how awful that movie is.

Last night Alicia filled me in on the dangers of albinos. Apparently, they kill everything they touch, like grass and people. I saw an albino squirrel the other morning on my sidewalk, and it cursed me and my firstborn, and peed in the recycling bin.