July 2006

Banana pudding is the new turkey spaghetti.

Just kidding, I want both all the time.

TO BE ACCOMPLISHED (my anger at work has made me an all-caps sort of person):

– Everyone in my household needs to finish the “Evil Dead” trilogy
– Natural Bridge weekend

– A couple Smithsonian museums have been redone. And a drive to D.C. always includes a chance to hit up that Boston Market in Dale City.
– I will never finish “A Prayer for Owen Meany.”
– Coupon summer includes: a tea room, Barksdale theater, baseball games, and a steakhouse.
– A new Golden Smog album. If only Jeff Tweedy and Matthew Sweet were BFFs. If Mr. Sweet was on team Golden Smog and not that guy from the Jayhawks, they would be so much better and I would complain one second less per year.

Forget it. School starts next month. SUMMER IS DEAD TO ME.

Tonight I bought “Clumsy” by Jeffrey Brown. I read some of his comics in a McSweeneys book and really liked them. Graphic novels take no time to read but I’ve enjoyed the last few I’ve read.

Below is Arthouse, soiling my sheets.