I can’t focus on schoolwork. Today I planned to go to the library to do my Teaching Composition reading — my biggest pain in the ass each weekend — so I could do the rest of my classwork and have some earned personal time on Sunday. I’ve done half of that reading, and it’s almost 6. I have a couple hours before I go out, but I thought that if I wrote out what I did during the day, I’d feel stupid for wasting so much time and get back to work.

9:30 — wake up
9:30, 11 — breakfast, get kelly’d up, watch an episode of “Firefly”
11:30 — leave for the library
12 — The library has all graphic novels secured in special collections, which has the same working hours that I do. I search what’s available (I want another Marjane Satrapi book) and the only thing that’s not a Lil Abner collection is from Drawn & Quarterly called “Pyongyang” by Guy Delisle. He’s from L’Association, which I know about from “Epileptic” by David B., which I read last month. Everything’s coming together! It’s about supervising animation production in North Korea, and I now know 400% more about N. Korea than I did seven hours ago. That’s something!
12, 2 — I read two essays, not as thoroughly as planned, and read some of “Pyongyang.” I debate getting lunch in the area, and force myself to read some more. Once I get the idea to go I can’t sit still. I walk around campus for a few minutes, and decide to go home. I know I’ll struggle to get any reading done, but I am already in my car.
2:30 — Eat pizza, watch “Firefly.” I’m confused — according to “Serenity,” River is a total badass, but on the TV show she’s meek and greasy. I can’t wait until she turns into a fighting machine.
3:30 — I turn on the computer and check email. I think, “If I go back and do my reading now I’ll be done by 5, then I can watch more ‘Firefly.'”
4 — Seriously, I have NO IDEA how this happened, but I’m at Big Lots. I keep getting into awkward spaces, and have to crawl underneath the cart of a fat family that practices sitting on recliners. I want to be festive this year and thought maybe something at Big Lots would strike my holiday fancy. I have no holiday fancy. It’s so crowded that I feel weird, like I’ve been poisoned.
4:30, current — more dicking around online, make some tea, read an old essay that I want to keep working on, read two pages of class reading (actually written by my professor, and I like it, but zzz, composition theory). It’s nearly six. Why can’t I get my work done? I have a lot more to do, but it’s more active than reading.

Suddenly I really want to see the new Bond movie. I’ve never cared about the franchise before. But Ol’ Blue Trunks has caught my attention. If I get my homework done by 8 I can go out tonight and if I get my work done early enough tomorrow I can see the Bond movie, and so on.