I live every day as if it’s my last — however, there are still a few things coming up that will be worth waking up for.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer — Season 8 is being released as a comic. It‘s not TV and it’s not Drawn and Quarterly, but anything that will give me more of Giles being a badass is okay by me. Remember when he killed Glory, or that dude who was also Glory? I’m shady on the details of that otherwise boring season, but I’ve reorganized my calendar around that event. It’s 5 years AGKGOTDWWAG. That show was so good.

The Good Night — “Spaced” (with Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson) airing on BBC2 was arguably the best thing to happen in 2006, although I don’t have cable and what I saw was heavily edited. It’s one of my favorite shows and I hope that the BBC airing will make it closer to being available on DVD (my copies aren’t that good and I’d like the real thing). I check Netflix occasionally to see if it’s posted. That’s how I found out about “The Good Night.” Along with Pegg, it stars Gwenyth Paltrow and Martin Freeman. The only thing that could make that cast better is if Skittles somehow took a human form and decided to take on acting and selected that project as its debut.

New Phone — My two year contract with Verizon is almost up. New phone!

Babies — I know that one of my friends is getting married this year. But I predict that at least two of my friends will get pregnant. I know that goes against Thara’s plan to block anyone from having babies (I forget her reasoning for that — global warming, I think), but I have baby fever.

Traveling — Nothing is set, but there are at least 100 places that I want to vi
sit. If not this year, then next year, or not at all. Denver (if it’s still there), Greece, Valencia, Nashville, Canada, Chicago, Ginter Park. Also a whale watching cruise. And India.
My mom left me a message a couple weeks ago that said she was reading about the Library of Congress in a 1990 issue of Smithsonian magazine. I don’t have the heart to tell her that they may have changed the exhibits by the time we make it.

My life doesn’t really change that much each year. I constantly crave Noodles of the Drunk from the Little Thailand district and listen to Wilco. Sometimes I get hair cuts. I will have to move again this year. I want a bike. I have three types of steamer (bamboo, electric, analog) and oven-proof pots and pans. I love two things: you and the opera.

Happy New Year, everyone! Here is a photo of Nichole and me at the big New Year’s Eve party.

****************SCRATCH THAT *****************
This is the only thing I’m looking forward to in 2007:

“Hot Fuzz” —
A top London cop (Simon Pegg) is ready to die of boredom when his superiors transfer him to a sleepy English village to work alongside a blundering but well-meaning young constable (Nick Frost). Craving some real action, the big-city bobby may just get his wish when the town begins to stir with a series of grisly “accidents.” Is foul play afoot in this seemingly idyllic hamlet? Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead) directs.

STEVE COOGAN IS ALSO IN IT. This is going to be a top year.