As Beef Supreme in the very funny Idiocracy, Andrew has established himself as my favorite Wilson brother. Owen and Luke pretty much play Owen and Luke in every movie (though Owen was Owen with Kentucky Accent for the Life Aquatic, so that’s something) but Andrew is a surprise in every film he’s in. Future Man in Bottle Rocket! Coach Beck in Rushmore! A cop in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle! And Maggie’s biological father in the Royal Tenenbaums! He’s never expected, and always delivers.

Plus, he’s kind of hot. Right?(These photos were kiped from IMBD — apparently there was a film festival Tribute to the Wilson Brothers)

(In the pilot episode of “Leave it to Beaver,” Beaver tells June that somebody “kiped” his tie. It sounds like an ethnic slur, but I’m pretty sure it’s just the Beav being Beav. My dad made us watch that episode because a young Harry Shearer plays what eventually became Wally Haskel).