After Susan moved back to Richmond we started to name the seasons to reflect a goal that we had (that happened at least once, and where I come from, something has to happen once in order for my family to assume it happens all the time). Last summer for me was Coupon Summer because of the Entertainment coupon book I got my mitts on. I think all I used was a coupon for Tandoor with Thara (where a fellow diner called our samosas “gnome hats”) and Manila Manila (not so good). Then all the coupons expired.

This is the Summer of Swimming with Radio Ahab, my partner in radio scanning. This summer we have been to the beach, to a pool, Sherando Lake (off 64 W before Waynesboro), and Blue Hole (I have no idea where that is — somewhere near Charlottesville). It’s been fun. The lake is definitely the best.

SOS is nearly through and to help lift my spirits here are a few things to look forward to for the rest of 2007.

SUPERBAD (Aug. 17) — Let’s adopt Michael Cera. Can we do that? I’m really into seeing former “Freaks and Geeks” cast members doing well, like Seth Rogan or that guy who’s now in “How I Met Your Mother, ” and even Bill, who looks like a normal guy in Knocked Up.

KUBA KUBA — Before I leave for Greece, Richard and I are having a feast at Kuba Kuba. No sandwiches for us. We’re going all out — empanadas, entrees, cake, wine, Cuban cigars, a whole Cuban man (maybe). I’m stuffed already.

MY LAST YEAR OF SCHOOL — I have no idea what I’m going to do with my master’s degree, I just hope it directs me to my greatest passion: dog fighting.

SOUPS AND STEWS — Susan has taken control of the kitchen and I just eat what she’ll cook for me, but this will be the fall and winter of soups and stews. Dumplings, pumpkins, broths, and whatever else that we can find in the pantry.

THAT TALKING BEAR MOVIE — Everyone else I know loves The Golden Compass, part of the “His Dark Materials” series by Philip Pullman. I liked a lot about it, but it’s never been the genre for me. After giving a passionate speech about refusing to not feel bad about not being that into The Golden Compass, Nichole said, “You should read The Amber Spyglass,” the sequel. I give up. BEST BOOK EVER. Daniel Craig is in the movie version. He’s a killer.

There are probably other things, but my coworker gave me a pack of brownies so I’m going to tend to that right now.