September 2007

The fried chicken-a-thon began with Maryland Fried chicken. The gist: crushed Doritos, paprika, pepper, and thyme. After the chicken was dipped, breaded, and browned, it simmered in a skillet with a cup of milk. It was an end of summer hit.

Oh, also, Milhouse wears ties now. If you bring your cat over and he or she doesn’t have a tie, we will provide one.

In an effort to cancel out all the good, healthy foods that my constant chum Susan has been making (and they are delicious things: power bars, muffins, pastas) I’m going to find the perfect fried chicken recipe.

I’ve only made fried chicken once before. It took forever to cook and involved a lot of peanut oil (a Martha recipe, I think). It wasn’t that great. My father told me that my Grammie (she doesn’t have a blog to link to) used to make the best fried chicken he ever had but he thinks it had something to do with being able to hear it cook. Its quality declined as her hearing got poor. I don’t know her recipe so I’ve gone through my cookbooks and will try each recipe until I get a dish that makes Ukrop’s hang its head in shame (I think they have the best fried chicken in Richmond).

The first recipe comes from a Better Homes and Garden cookbook (actually rescued from my grandmother’s things, but doesn’t appear to have been used). It has basic ingredients: cracker crumbs, buttermilk, chicken. I’m going to substitute the crackers for bread crumbs and crushed Doritos.

Crushed Doritos Fried Chicken. Keep your fingers crossed that it is so delicious that we cry when eating it, but not so delicious that the kitchen is overwhelmed and sinks into the earth.