Notes from Genius Time:

My professor told the class that we were terrible because instead of looking through bound journals and touching the spines of books and whatnot that we downloaded information from the same journals from the library Web site. I could argue that since I’m a graduate student at a commuter school that runs like a business with no customer satisfaction guidelines that I am not looking for the sort of education that would stuff me in a library for hours. It’s not that kind of library, anyway. It’s full of kids on cell phones checking their Myspace. It proudly serves Starbucks!

However, this is the last semester that I have to worry about things like this, and since I have rarely used the library despite my nearly 7 years at that school, I thought I would at least give it the old college try. I had the day off today and went to library to do some research on a few papers I have to write. If you remember from previous adventures, going to the library ends in me just checking out comic books.

I was determined, though underprepared, to get something from my visit. With a list of possible journals to rub my hands all over per my professor’s instructions I went to the periodical stacks, only to find it about 5% filled with journals. Nothing on postcolonial literature, but we do get Source magazine.

Back issues, if available, are probably placed somewhere else. After an hour looking at real books and doing some reading I decided to quit and come back when I have a grocery list of journal articles to find. It’s hard to even use the library without the computer to help you find anything.

Despite my laziness and complaining, I am not trying to be the worst student ever. I think we covered that I am not a scholar during my K-12 and then undergraduate careers (please refer to my zines, “Don’t Forget to Floss,” “Screw This Crap I’ve Had It,” and “The KG Guide to Undergraduate Survival: Take Me to BW3!!!”*) but my thoughts and prayers are with me while I try to pull this semester together and get out with satisfactory grades and papers. In the meantime, it’s Clementine Season. My hands are permanently stained with orange juice. So I would get the journals sticky anyway.

In another meantime, I will be spending less time in Charlottesville since my associate is coming back to Richmond. So long, hippies. So long, amazing breakfast sandwich at the Nook. So long, that CVS on the Downtown Mall with the rats in the basement.

*None of those existed. You would have figured that out through an online search the same as if you had gone to the Zine Library and touched the stapled spines of all its contents.