The original intent of the Burgerphone blog when I began writing it in 1984 was to review delicious cheese burgers. I’ve done that a few times and only pledge allegiance to two burgers in Richmond, those being served at 821 Cafe and Fourth Street Diner. I’ve been so busy being awesome and not blogging on the daily that I have neglected to mention my new favorite cheese burger, which can be found at Dot’s Back Inn.

Dot’s Back Inn has been around for one million Richmond years and I only discovered it last year when we moved to Northside. They have usual diner fare (decent vegetarian selection), but the burgers are extra tasty. Is it the wheat bun? The homemade chips on the side? The genuine feel of the old timey decorations? I don’t know. I’m just there to eat.

Dots now gets extra thumbs up because I just tried the breakfast sandwich — bacon, egg, cheese on a biscuit. It’s not as mindblowing as the one from the Nook in Charlottesville, however I’ve said my goodbyes to that sandwich and am delighted that I’ve found an alternative. My associate and I ate there on Saturday morning. Sandwich, side, and coffee was about $5. I love only spending $5! I was so excited that I didn’t tip just to save more money!!!! (that’s not true). Be careful, though, they don’t designate smoking sections but serve a lot of smokers.

Dot’s is on MacArthur Ave on Northside, on the same adorable block as Carytown Books, Stir Crazy coffee, Zorba’s Pizza, that Samis Grotto place, and Sam’s bakery (I think that’s what it’s called) and other places that remind me that Northside isn’t all check cashing places and terrible Food Lions.

Also, I am not sending out Christmas cards this year, so enjoy this. Please note the way they expertly worked around the “Jordan and Jon, yeah, come on!” since Jon isn’t there.