1. Soduko

2. Watched “The Sopranos.”  Two episodes left!  Christopher! 

3. Dropped a chocolate chip into a pot of chili.  Ate it. 

4. Tried crab cakes.

5. Learned that New Kids on the Block are coming to Richmond.  Or maybe my brother is a liar.

6. Spent 15 minutes with someone at the school library help desk only to come home and find out that everything he told me was obsolete since he should have given me an access card to other libraries.  I almost ran back to punch him in the beard.

7. Installed your wireless router.   

8.  Drank a coke and ate pretzel sticks at the Short Pump mall.  Also bought shirts.  And ate more Haribo candy (Richard has me saying “goomy” like a German).  Complained about J Crew. 

9. Sneezed, coughed.