I am months behind the rest of the world but I have finally finished “The Sopranos.” I know everyone else is over it so please just be my pal and talk to me for hours and hours about the show. Watching “The Sopranos” has been a part time job for me during the last two years and now that it’s over I have a slew of other shows to get into, but I don’t have the energy. I’m weak from all the tension.

Because I don’t have cable/take night classes, I have to wait for most shows to be released on DVD before I can enjoy them. Here are the options:

“The Wire” — This is a definite, but the first disc of season 1 has a “long wait” on Netflix. Stupid Netflix.

“Lost” — I’ve seen the first season twice, and most of the second season, but now I wish I had kept up with it, because I have to start over again and potentially spend the next few years of my life watching it. Stupid everyone on dumb island.

“Band of Brothers” — This has popped in and out of the old queue for a while. Should I just get it over with? It has Sam Rockwell in it!

“Robin Hood” — This is from the BBC. Sometimes I wish we could just take a pill or get a shot that will inject the experience of having taken in a story or a new show. Can’t I just feel like I’ve seen the new Robin Hood? Or There Will Be Blood? Do I really have to watch anything anymore?

Not to mention that Richard and I are watching “Veronica Mars” season one (which is still awesome the third time) and my sister has given me “Flight of the Conchords” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” ALSO we just upgraded to four Netflixes at a time. This is a lot of pressure. I can’t just watch things all the time. Especially since all we want to do here at Cat Central is talk about King of Kong.


In non-Netflix news, which I try to have very little of, we recently ate a duckling and steak at the White Dog to celebrate fourth-quarter earnings. Very good meal!

In non-Netflix, non-associate news, my mom made this as a dessert last night: chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate-covered banana chunk, and mini donuts. I think she thought we were making fun of it, but seriously, what is not to love about that assortment?