Good News, Richmond

The nice* folks at Toad’s Place and the National have been trying their best** to get acts to come to Richmond, long overlooked either because Charlottesville or D.C. are also on the way to Baltimore (or Harrisonburg?) (all major hot spots), or maybe because no one likes going to shows anymore and Richmond has been the first to act on it.  To support the hard work*** of these newbies let’s all pick a show and go to it!  I will take The Swell Season (Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova from Once) at Toad’s Place.  You guys can fight over 311 and Rusted Root at the National.  According to the schedule, you have to enter a tear in the fabric of time to appreciate what’s happening 90% of the time at the National.  And time travel upsets my stomach.

*,**,*** — I cannot verify that any staff members are nice, have tried their best, or that they ever work hard.  I am just an enthusiastic guesser.