My favorite thing about wordpress is that you can see what terms people searched for and how that led them to your site (because, seriously, unless you know me or really want updates about electric herb gardens, there’s nothing notable about the old burgerphone). My favorite search, which has appeared multiple times, is “fancy feast commercial song.” I don’t know what that is, or that there is even a song. I think the “meow meow meow meow” tune was for Meow Mix. Fancy Feast probably has classical music in the background.

A recent comment from a stranger about my goat post confirms that I am not a kook and that others have seen the goat! Using her same search that led her to me brought up this article from Style Weekly. I love it. Though it did make me wonder, why would you call the government if you spotted a goat? Sure, it’s the first thing I mention to my associate when I get home, but I wouldn’t call the cops about it.

I feel righteous. Moving along, I bet everyone $5 that in the next six months we’ll hear a news story about a police department using Wiis to catch criminals. They’ll have witnesses make Miis of the suspects. You’ll probably have to watch the “Today Show” or listen to the “hey, check this shit out” blurb on NPR before the news begins on the half hour to hear a story like that.