April 2008

I am not in the business of region-bashing.  Sure I “hate” Baltimore and Charlottesville, but I’m a cranky gal, not your travel agent. 

*World does not include Charlottesville, Va.

Richard and I enjoyed a weekend of both disappointment and awesomeness. First we returned to Charlottesville to see Nick Lowe and Ron Sexsmith at the Satellite Ballroom. It was a good show. They both have great voices and played solo. Nick Lowe was very funny and self-depreciating, and his confession that he didn’t think that anyone would show up was humble, but when he went on about Charlottesville being such a nice place I wanted to shout, “A lot of us are from Richmond.”

My weekends in Cville are through now, and although I enjoyed Richard’s friends that I met and there were a few nice spots to go to, overall I wasn’t impressed (we agree that we like the self-loathing Richmond more than the smug Cville). We revisited the Blue Moon Diner, which was never terrible, but the service this past Friday was so awful that I wished I was a food critic so I could have a hand in shutting them down. They redid the menu, and basically what we got were $7-8 burgers that were burnt on burnt buns with sour tomatoes. And fries were not included. The guy who we assumed was the chef first stepped out from the kitchen wearing sunglasses and a mustache, so I’m afraid he heard me call him an “ahole,” which was uncalled for, I guess, but we are already tense about Cville. I hope that he ruined our dinner out of spite and not because he’s a terrible cook who should stick to playing in a bluegrass band on Saturday nights, or whatever it is that people do there if they don’t make $110k a year working at UVA.


Sorry if you guys like that place (though my mom passionately said, “oh, it IS ‘Stink City,'” when I brought it up). But I prefer all other spots on earth. Good concert, though.

Later in the weekend we had a fancy hotel stay for no particular reason that included room service and a lot of Discovery Channel-watching.

My mom called me yesterday afternoon right after she and my sister found the coil of snakes in her pond, and I thought nothing could be more disturbing than what she described. Then my sister posted the photos. I am no sissy, and we used to have snakes, but something about the way they’re bundled together really wigs me out. They’re eating all the fish in the pond.

I have very complicated feelings about Baltimore. Sure, you can see a sloth in a fake rainforest and some interesting buildings, but I can do that here (except for the sloth/rainforest part, unless throwing Milhouse in the bathtub and shutting the door counts). Nichole and I had some bad times there when we were kids, and it’s always the tricky part of the directions when I drive to Philadelphia. Richard and I almost visited last year, but now that we’re watching “The Wire,” my disrespect for the city continues. I would love a list of reasons why someone likes it there.

Also The Greek and his gang on “The Wire” are always using the five or six words in Greek that I managed to learn last summer. I feel like I’m fluent! Although they’re just saying “good morning” or “thank you,” I like to pretend that I’m understanding the plot on a deeper level.

Also, Bubbs.

I’m not sure what surprised me the most about learning that NKOTB is reuniting: that it is happening at all (though I guess my brother tipped me off to it and I ignored him) or that I got flushed and excited and couldn’t help enthusiastically break the news to many coworkers as if they would care. My first reaction was to immediately run to my sister and scream and then make posters. But I was at work. And am 28. And don’t have posterboard.

Even DANNY looks sharp. Suits! No pork pie hats! I don’t know which one to bang.


UGH, CORRECTION (4/12/08): I would not actually BANG a new kid.  Anyway I thought that term was Boston slang for “admire ones career the most.” 

I have been too busy to do a Spring Break ’08 wrap up. Also it was pretty easy to let it pass by since I work full time and take one class. The three hours that SB08! freed up was basically spent reorganizing Girl Scout cookies to fit into my stomach. They fit! Yay!

My mom came to visit and we did fancy Richmond History things, including the Valentine Museum and the John Marshall House. We hadn’t been to either place and liked both. I like house tour trivia, and the Wickham House (VM) was packed with fun pieces. The John Marshall house was also a house tour, and that was really neat. I recommend it. There was a couple in our tour group from Colorado, taking a day trip from Williamsburg. My first reaction was “to Richmond?” but Richmond does have a lot of interesting things to see crammed into a few blocks.

SP08! fun facts are:

* The John Marshall House is a thing that exists in Richmond. I didn’t know. It was included with the Court End pass that we purchased at the Valentine Museum.

*Apparently from where the house sits on Marshall street you used to be able to see the James River. Well, not you. You weren’t born yet.

* Back in the “old days” that area was called Court End, due to all the lawyers.

* JMH is the oldest brick building in Richmond.

*Polly Marshall wore a locket that had pieces of hair from both her and John tied in a knot inside of it. Aww.

* The kids in the Marshall house slept in straw-stuffed mattresses on top of ropes that had to be tightened to keep proper support, and supposedly that style of bed is where the “good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” bit came from.

*I won’t give away all the good parts, go see! Take your mom, take your cat, take your aunt who’s not really your aunt but you call her “aunt” anyway. She wants to go.