I have very complicated feelings about Baltimore. Sure, you can see a sloth in a fake rainforest and some interesting buildings, but I can do that here (except for the sloth/rainforest part, unless throwing Milhouse in the bathtub and shutting the door counts). Nichole and I had some bad times there when we were kids, and it’s always the tricky part of the directions when I drive to Philadelphia. Richard and I almost visited last year, but now that we’re watching “The Wire,” my disrespect for the city continues. I would love a list of reasons why someone likes it there.

Also The Greek and his gang on “The Wire” are always using the five or six words in Greek that I managed to learn last summer. I feel like I’m fluent! Although they’re just saying “good morning” or “thank you,” I like to pretend that I’m understanding the plot on a deeper level.

Also, Bubbs.