*World does not include Charlottesville, Va.

Richard and I enjoyed a weekend of both disappointment and awesomeness. First we returned to Charlottesville to see Nick Lowe and Ron Sexsmith at the Satellite Ballroom. It was a good show. They both have great voices and played solo. Nick Lowe was very funny and self-depreciating, and his confession that he didn’t think that anyone would show up was humble, but when he went on about Charlottesville being such a nice place I wanted to shout, “A lot of us are from Richmond.”

My weekends in Cville are through now, and although I enjoyed Richard’s friends that I met and there were a few nice spots to go to, overall I wasn’t impressed (we agree that we like the self-loathing Richmond more than the smug Cville). We revisited the Blue Moon Diner, which was never terrible, but the service this past Friday was so awful that I wished I was a food critic so I could have a hand in shutting them down. They redid the menu, and basically what we got were $7-8 burgers that were burnt on burnt buns with sour tomatoes. And fries were not included. The guy who we assumed was the chef first stepped out from the kitchen wearing sunglasses and a mustache, so I’m afraid he heard me call him an “ahole,” which was uncalled for, I guess, but we are already tense about Cville. I hope that he ruined our dinner out of spite and not because he’s a terrible cook who should stick to playing in a bluegrass band on Saturday nights, or whatever it is that people do there if they don’t make $110k a year working at UVA.


Sorry if you guys like that place (though my mom passionately said, “oh, it IS ‘Stink City,'” when I brought it up). But I prefer all other spots on earth. Good concert, though.

Later in the weekend we had a fancy hotel stay for no particular reason that included room service and a lot of Discovery Channel-watching.