I have discovered the function on my cell phone that allows me to record my own ring tone.  My new ring tone is a recording of me singing my previous ring tone, the digi-version of Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It.”   


I have been spreading facts about the dangers of Canadian geese.  They will: not teach their young to migrate; contaminate water sources; continue to scare me.


I have reduced the ant population in my kitchen with Raid, prayer, and my angry fingers (which is gross.  I can’t believe I roped some dude into living with me). 


Is anyone else reading Y: The Last Man?  We need to buy books 8 and 9, and although I’m sure we’ll both read the series again and again (it’s awesome!  Susan, the main character is basically Xander with a monkey), I’m tired of having to buy them.  Let’s make a deal, internet.  I will give you one cat per book.  For keeps (you keep the cats, but we can return the comics).