David Sedaris on the James Frey controversy (from Entertainment Weekly):

“His punishment outweighed the crime.  I don’t recall Oprah Winfrey calling George Bush a liar when he was on her show.  And those lies cost thousands of people their lives.”

Every interview I’ve read for Sedaris’ new book questions how true his stories are.  It doesn’t bother me that he would exaggerate anything.  Who’s to say that we tell any story correctly after it happens?  We self edit to make it sound like something worth saying out loud, it doesn’t make anyone a liar.

I like how he handled the same question in Time*:

“I’ve always been a huge exaggerator, but when I write something, I put it on a scale.  And if it’s 97% true, I think that’s true enough.  I’m not going to call it fiction because 3% of it isn’t true.”

That being said, I have no interest in reading his new book.   He must be scraping the bottom of the barrel in musings these days: “Amy had a fake pig snout she wore at church, my boyfriend irons shirts while I paint French barns with bong water and tea bags.”  Whatever!

*My mom gives me her leftover magazines that she bought up with her airline miles.