Other than autobiographical graphic novels, I have no motivation in finding comics to read.  I will just take what Richard and Nichole hand to me.  They are both into “Fables,” and I’m reading book 5 now.  It’s about a colony of characters (any lore, fairy tale, Disney movie you can think of) who are in exile in New York City.  The Big Bad Wolf is now in human form as Bigby Wolf.  He’s a badass.  “Fables” is a lot of fun and addicting.  My associate has most of them in the collections and not the single issues, otherwise I would sneak them in with my binders at work.  I have been trying to read more now that I have the extra time, but it’s hard to read anything that’s not drawn.  I just finished “The Complete Persepolis.”  The stories are put together differently than the movie, so if you just watched the movie it’s not like you’re getting the same narrative.  I command everyone to read it. 

I’m also delighted that one in two people that we talk to when we bring up comics has any idea what either of us are talking about.  It’s like indulging in comics has been this silent excitement for everyone.  Oh, whoops?  Is that like an unspoken thing to not talk about it?  I don’t know.  Just pile on the books about growing up during wartime or in a funeral home.