Happy birthday to my associate, soon to be for LIFE.  In happiness and with Ely.

In brief:  why the National was the best non-Wilco show I’ve seen in a long while:

1.  The National (the theater) is beautiful.  I have no idea what the history of it is, only that the bathrooms are nicer than any club in general.  Toad’s Place is nice, but this place is not only fancy but has sloped floors.  Duh, why isn’t that everywhere? 

2. The National (the band) not only sounded great, but seemed to have a lot of fun and I liked that all the band members provided chatter.  Richard and I also liked that the singer just sings. 

3. I was surrounded by short girls.  I am on the short side, but I basically had a ring of fifteen-year-old elves ensuring that I could see a concert for once.  It was neat.

4. The crowd was good, it was packed, the kids were singing along, I was closer to the stage than I had been in years.  And it was a Sunday night.  Bravo, Richmond! 

5. I had cold gnocchi waiting for me when we got home from the club in about ten minutes.