mom and kelly at cranberry glades

christie running from the stormwva

summersville lake

We are back from our weekend visit to West Virginia. It was full of cake, wild chickens, and swimming. My sister let me take her underwater camera into Summersville Lake. It’s shockproof/waterproof, but I still felt like I would break it. I got some awesome shots of some sticks and rocks.

Things I learned:

– Hummingbirds are territorial.

– West Virginia is a day’s trip away for 60% of the US population (“Might as well go” is the state motto).

-Females like “Flight of the Conchords” more than males do. This isn’t related to our trip, but something I realized over the weekend. Christie made a copy of the CD for me, and Richard’s excitement about hearing the songs in the car was outlived by my excitement by something like 400 listens. Brunettes not fighter jets!