I have the opposite of whatever a green thumb is (a cold heart? Three grocery stores within walking distance?), so when my mom forced me to take another tomato plant with some green tomatoes already on it a few weeks ago, I really thought it would save everyone time and heartache if I just threw it out the car window on my way home. Still, I brought it home and put it on our back porch. Not only is it not dead, the tomatoes are finally ripening. I’m so proud of myself. I did very little but water it, so I’m blaming our sunless backyard at the old house for my previous agriculture failures.

In other news, my associate and I saw Wanted this weekend (we are a month behind in movies). I was bored/entertained unevenly throughout, though by the end of it I thought it was fun. Action movies are among my associate’s favorite things to see and I occasionally will watch them. When I saw another trailer for a Jason Statham movie I nearly cried. I’m not sure I can take another one right now. Oh, bald English action star. We get it, you will win in the end.

James McAvoy stars in Wanted, which is normally okay with me, but he has an American accent. Sometimes when I watch a movie and get disinterested I start working on my “three cent review” (even though they’re just called “notes” now) for Netflix. I probably missed some key plot points while attempting to clearly express how I felt about his change in dialect. Here is what I came up with: James McAvoy with an American accent is like throwing a fresh pizza in the trash. You know it’s there, but you can’t get to it.

Eh? I ended up not using it. If he spoke with his normal Scottish brogue and at some point took a determined walk through a grassy area, there’s a good chance I would have thought that this was the most romantic movie ever.