As everyone knows, my two greatest passions are being involved in things that require a separate photo ID and saving money. My associate and I are now proud owners of a Costco membership.

After months of everyone singing the praises of Costco we decided to finally go for it. We just went without really thinking about what to buy. It was an exciting idea until we finished our fancy, fancy lunch of a hot dog (for the gent) and pizza (for the lady) and went wild down all the aisles. We tend to buy the same thing every week, but spending $8 for a month’s (at least) supply of anything that I usually spend $3 on is very overwhelming. I got panicky and thought maybe we should get a refund. We had to force ourselves to buy things but I think next time we will be prepared, and maybe not go on a Saturday afternoon. Hopefully our $1million worth of four items means that we won’t need to go to Ukrops or Kroger three times during the week.

We had Costco (or “Price Club”) as a kid but I don’t remember buying anything except for soft pretzels and tires. Today was a unique experience, and I hope we get better at Costcoing. I have a feeling we will run into a bunch of people we know, and also eat a depressing/exciting number of meals there. It’ll be like the 821 Cafe of our grown up years.