A year ago I was in Greece for a good pal’s wedding, travelling with AMV, who would become a good pal. It was an easy vacation that took place in the center of wildfires. It was devastating to the countryside, and I didn’t find out what actually caused the fire. Our cab driver who wouldn’t let us out of the cab because of all the prostitutes in front of our cheap hostel thought maybe the government started it.  We knew that there were fires because we could see them, but all of the news was in Greek, and the TV broadcasts of people shouting and running from firey houses still didn’t clue us in.  It wasn’t until our last day when we tried to leave Sparta for Athens that we caught on to how terrible things were.

I give all credit to CK and her family for making the trip so fun and affordable for the rest of us. I loved every second of the trip and want to talk about it all the time, though I tend to not mention it. Or maybe I talk about it all the time by prefacing it with “I know I never talk about my trip to Greece, but . . . ”

top: AMV/KG on the Acropolis/smoke in Sparta town center/bust in Athens with fake mustache; center: Acropolis/Athens/Hot Dog flavored Cheetos; bottom: carnival in Mystras/beach cafe in Gythio/square in Athens