Time well spent recently spent on:

“Son of Rambow”

Queue it! Queue it!

I like anything British except for colonialism (and Sienna Miller), so I will understand if everyone doesn’t agree. This is an adorable movie with casual swearing. And flying dogs. And cool French boys. Plus it’s directed by Garth Jennings, part of the Hammer and Tongs team who’ve directed the videos for Blur’s “Coffee and TV” and Supergrass’s “Pumping on your Stereo.”

I read this review a few months ago in Style Weekly. WHY HIRE SOMEONE TO WRITE MOVIE REVIEWS WHO OBVIOUSLY HATES MOVIES?


Speaking of the fellas, Richard surprised me with their latest album Diamond Hoo Ha and Supergrass surprised me by making another great record. I don’t know why I was surprised, though. Bands that I loved when I was a young gal continually make flat and unimportant records, but Supergrass doesn’t really have a bad album. I like that in a band.

Julie & Julia

On our last visit to Waynesboro we stopped at the Green Valley Book Fair, which is where books go to die. As someone who still entertains the idea of finishing a book, it’s sad to think that even if I did get published, in eight months my book baby will end up in stacks at a book fair. I picked up Julie & Julia by Julie Powell, which I had heard about before. It was a lot of fun. I thought it would be sweet and light, but instead involved a lot of drinking and yelling and watching “Buffy” reruns. I related to it on all levels except the part of her that could actually eat what she cooked from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

Also I like the new Coldplay. And you.