The thing about not being at work on a weekday is that 1) I am convinced that someone is breaking into the apartment, and 2) after 9 a.m. the “Today Show” is turned over to a bunch of jokers, including the impossibly awkward Kathie Lee Gifford.

This past week has been full of new music.  I maybe buy eight CDs a year now, otherwise I just borrow what my associate brings home (he buys eight CDs a day).  I like: the new Solange, Santogold, and New Kids on the Block’s greatest hits, which was gently placed next to my face this morning.  I promise to never, ever make any of you listen to it.  Unless you specifically ask for me to play it.

This is a card I received from CK this morning.  We’ve started the last season of “the Wire,” and tensions are high.  What will happen to Michael?  Don’t actually tell me.