My week off is hours away from being over. On our ride back from Philadelphia I made a list of the food I have eaten since last Saturday. My hope is that I will come back and read it when I am blue and remember how awesome my life is. Usually I was not eating alone, but was too busy leading my face to the bottom of any plate to notice what anyone else ate.

-Salad and tostones with a coke at Kuba Kuba.

-Mexican food buffet and cupcakes at our friends’ party.

-Chicken burrito, rice, and beans at Viva Mexico. Is that place actually very good or do I just get excited about coupons?

-Cheesy chicken vermicelli from the American Heart Association’s Low Calorie cookbook. Cooking the noodles in chicken broth was delicious, like pho.

-Mid-afternoon chocolate cake (and a bite from Richard’s carrot cake).

-Spaghetti with broccoli rabe and ricotta. Also I tried squid, which tasted like a fried egg, and mushrooms, which tasted like nothing.   Since I can’t recall what I hate so much about mushrooms I’m prepared to keep trying them without pretending like I am dying. At Edo’s Squid.

-Giant Ukrop’s salad. It all goes towards Fuel Perks.

-Corn dog and leftovers, and frozen fun sized Three Musketeers bars. And, because I am honest about these things, the rest of the box of Buncha Crunch or whatever it’s called that Nichole gave me.

-Chicken club sandwich and fries. I know that there are some places I should be ashamed about liking, but the Chicken club at Star-lite is amazing and I love it so much I ate a chunk out of the table before realizing that there wasn’t any food left on my plate.

-Macaroni and cheese

-But let’s not pretend I have any restraint: Fried zucchini, edamame hummus, and chocolate cupcakes (Thanks AMV & BD!).

-Bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit and fruit from Ukrop’s

-Hot dog and a soda at Costo. What? They shouldn’t have a Costo at Potomac Mills if they don’t want you to buy hot dogs there.

-Butter chicken, garlic naan, samosa, samosa chat from Ekta in Philadelphia. Very good.

-While we got ready for a day of Ben Franklin and fun, I ate anything that Christophile either offered or left near me, including Trader Joe’s trail mix (with peanut butter chips), fresh pears, coffee, and half a scarf. Then I ate a Belgian waffle from Bonte.

-A lunch of Puerto Rican food, which was a first for me and luckily enough right next to our hosts’ home. I ate a fried pastry with seasoned beef, rice and beans, mofongo (mashed fried tostones) and also tostones. It was a weird dining experience because instead of just handing us one of the many menus sitting around, the waitress gave us highlights from the menu. I have no idea why, and it was very confusing and because of that we ordered everything she said. It was pretty good, though.

-Seriously. After a quick stop at the Reading Terminal Market (if we had something like this in Richmond, not only would I talk about going to it, I might actually go to it), Christophile blew us away with amazing pizzas (made from a recipe in the Barbara KingsolverAnimal, Vegetable, Miracle book) with tons of vegetables, fresh mozzarella, and pepperoni. I pretended to pay attention to the presidential debates, and to act like I wasn’t just reliving the pizza-eating experience over and over again in my mind I occasionally shouted “pork barrel.”

-Also, roasted corn on the cob. Also I ate more of that trail mix while I watched her make the pizza. I owe her a bag. Good thing TJ’s is open here now.

-In the morning, Christophile made the Nigella Lawson pancakes (too late to find the recipe and link — nigella pancake mix google search should do the trick) and brown sugar bacon. I think the bacon was from her CSA share. It was so good.

-AN ARBY’S BEEF AND CHEDDAR SANDWICH. Does life get better? It does, later at dinner.

-A bag of cheddar and sour cream Baked Lays.

-At Honey’s, which we’ve been to for brunch on earlier visits, we brought our own beer. How is that a thing, and then, how is that not a thing everywhere else? I ordered a salad to go with my honey fried chicken strips, cole slaw, and hush puppies. Great dinner, great night.

-Then Richard bought a $40 Three Musketeers bar for me at the hotel gift shop.

-Back to the Reading Terminal Market for a breakfast crepe with Nutella, banana, and strawberries.

-We had a late lunch at his folk’s house. I had pepperoni with cheese and crackers, a roast beef sandwich, salad, and a giant piece of pie with a few glasses of Coke, which is why I’m up late on a Sunday writing a list of all the food I ate.

This was also supplemented by apple bread (made by the Amish), granola bars, apples, and cereal.

I don’t regret a thing.