October 2008

“‘The Wire’ was always a bit like a bad relationship. It required an inordinate amount of commitment and emotional investment. Some of our friends didn’t get it, and we thought less of them as a result. It broke our hearts over and over and we crawled back for more. But when it was good, whew … it was so good. ” — Joshua Alston, Newsweek

How can I be grumpy in a world where I can watch this at any time? Watch or don’t watch this clip from “Om Shanti Om,” but there is a delightful badminton scene at 3:20.

1. The lack of title reform in America.  If the great-great-great-grandson of a collector from a Civil War hospital comes collecting for a medical judgment against a former owner of my (contract pending) property, I will hit him in the old face with a shovel.  I thought that “you snooze, you lose” was the foundation on which our government was founded.  It’s like zombie debt (when someone forces you to take old debt that you don’t own) but on houses!  Haunted House Debt!

2. The cost of moving.  I’m tired and sad to keep asking people to help me move, but the cost of getting professionals is so high (for me). Be warned, strong friends, we might be calling on you.

3. Tipping.  Okay, I’m a grouch, but how is it on me that a company doesn’t pay its employees enough?  Waitstaff excluded, of course.  Am I a bad person that I don’t think that every line of work that involves face-to-face service deserves an additional payment?  Who is supposed to get tips and how much?  If I have to tip the movers 20%, does that mean I should tip my dental hygienist, too?  She has to keep her hands in my mouth for a long time.  I haven’t been in a profession where I relied on tips, so I don’t know what it’s like.   I feel guilty and like I’m a heartless, unreasonable person for even complaining about this.  Economic crisis, you guys, I’m trying to spend 20% less.

4. Trick-or-treating.  Actually, I will withhold this to keep everyone from falling out of love with me.

Congrats to my sister Chicken Sandwich E-Mail* and Ranger Doug on their engagement! I have always wanted a brother-in-law!

*okay, that’s not her name, but I’m keeping with a theme here.

Make sure that cookies are enabled on your browser.

I’ll enable the cookies on your browser.

Sometimes I think that cookies aren’t even ENABLED on your browser.

Hon?  The cookies?  Did you enable them on your browser?

Wait — did you enable the cookies on your browser like I said?

No, Bowser was something different.

There are cookies on your blazer.

(this is nonsense, btw, i got a handout at work with the instructions “make sure cookies are enabled on your browser” and I couldn’t think of any way to explain that to someone who doesn’t use the internet but also someone who uses the internet).

We have approached the first part of the mortgage/house buying process with an unusual (for us) amount of faith and trust in the representatives who were  recommended to us. Compared to what I expected, things haven’t been that bad, though I imagine that if we were buying and selling it would be more stressful and confusing. Now we are in the technical part where we are feeling a little like everyone who we loved so much before is now putting us on.

My home-owning buddies already know, but there are things that exist that you can get for your home that shouldn’t exist at all. The title protection is probably a good thing, but it seems like it would save everyone trouble and money to change title laws. Ugh, is this experience going to make me a lobbyist? Things like this keep piling on. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re required to get a bikini inspection or get a brochure for leprechaun maintenance.

We did however spend the $689 to protect our fuelperks! so that any other Ukrop’s Valued Customers who have occupied the property before us aren’t able to claim our discount as theirs. That just makes sense.

Part of me wants to update/link to/share wedding plans and possible ideas, but when I tell myself that it’s time to get serious about something like dresses or photography or writing letters to everyone I had a crush on (i.e, every boy in the fifth grade at J.B. Fisher while I was in the fourth grade) to tell them that I’ve moved on, I end up just updating my good reads account and forget to make plans.  Also the idea of everyone staring at me while I walk into a room wearing a fitted dress makes me want to throw up from nerves.

Before my friend Laura Ann was married she wrote, “I hope I accidentally get served two pieces of cake at my wedding.”  That basically sums up my wedding wishes.   It’s not that I’m not super-excited.  I get to marry my roommate, how great is that? It’s just that reading about thrifty and unique weddings on various blogs makes me less interested in planning my own.   I just want it to come down to two things: I want to get married at some point that evening, and I want to eat cheese and crackers nonstop.

I’m sure I can google this or call an aunt and get an answer, but I like when the internet comes to me.  I found what appears to be a delicious recipe for a biscuit/yeast roll that yields more than even what my associate and I can put away.  If I were to make the dough and freeze the rest, would I freeze the dough first or bake the rolls?  It makes sense to freeze the dough.  I might just find out the answer myself, since I am in that lucky “off today” group.

While you think about biscuits or rolls or Columbus or fall, please watch this.  We watched a lot of cat-related videos on youtube at my parents’ house.  Here’s the cutest, though we did go through a short-lived “Spaghetti Cat”-mania.

Also, our Wire Watching Club is one episode away from being finished.  To be fair, I will wait until everyone else on earth finishes watching it before I cry (or laugh) on any shoulders.  No spoiler alerts from me.

The short version:

Memorable choruses?: yes.

Awkward Beatles references?: yes.

Liam Gallagher’s transformation to Ian Brown complete?: yes.

Ten-minute “blues” track at the end?: no.

I like it!

(The long version has a listing of all the people I know whose lives have been enriched by the Gallaghers.  It includes my parents).

2008 has been full of met/contract pending goals. I think I’m good for awhile from doing anything noteworthy. Which means, of course, that I can return to my greatest passions: attempting to beat Katamari Damacy and breaking records on Taiko Drum Master.

Susan and I have some Jet songs to master on our Taiko Drums, and my associate needs to get hooked on the joys of making a giant ball that can roll up punks and bears. I know the PS2 is very, very outdated. I only have two games and I love them. I have never beat a video game before, and will actually be proud of myself if I do.

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