I’m sure I can google this or call an aunt and get an answer, but I like when the internet comes to me.  I found what appears to be a delicious recipe for a biscuit/yeast roll that yields more than even what my associate and I can put away.  If I were to make the dough and freeze the rest, would I freeze the dough first or bake the rolls?  It makes sense to freeze the dough.  I might just find out the answer myself, since I am in that lucky “off today” group.

While you think about biscuits or rolls or Columbus or fall, please watch this.  We watched a lot of cat-related videos on youtube at my parents’ house.  Here’s the cutest, though we did go through a short-lived “Spaghetti Cat”-mania.

Also, our Wire Watching Club is one episode away from being finished.  To be fair, I will wait until everyone else on earth finishes watching it before I cry (or laugh) on any shoulders.  No spoiler alerts from me.