We have approached the first part of the mortgage/house buying process with an unusual (for us) amount of faith and trust in the representatives who were  recommended to us. Compared to what I expected, things haven’t been that bad, though I imagine that if we were buying and selling it would be more stressful and confusing. Now we are in the technical part where we are feeling a little like everyone who we loved so much before is now putting us on.

My home-owning buddies already know, but there are things that exist that you can get for your home that shouldn’t exist at all. The title protection is probably a good thing, but it seems like it would save everyone trouble and money to change title laws. Ugh, is this experience going to make me a lobbyist? Things like this keep piling on. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re required to get a bikini inspection or get a brochure for leprechaun maintenance.

We did however spend the $689 to protect our fuelperks! so that any other Ukrop’s Valued Customers who have occupied the property before us aren’t able to claim our discount as theirs. That just makes sense.