Part of me wants to update/link to/share wedding plans and possible ideas, but when I tell myself that it’s time to get serious about something like dresses or photography or writing letters to everyone I had a crush on (i.e, every boy in the fifth grade at J.B. Fisher while I was in the fourth grade) to tell them that I’ve moved on, I end up just updating my good reads account and forget to make plans.  Also the idea of everyone staring at me while I walk into a room wearing a fitted dress makes me want to throw up from nerves.

Before my friend Laura Ann was married she wrote, “I hope I accidentally get served two pieces of cake at my wedding.”  That basically sums up my wedding wishes.   It’s not that I’m not super-excited.  I get to marry my roommate, how great is that? It’s just that reading about thrifty and unique weddings on various blogs makes me less interested in planning my own.   I just want it to come down to two things: I want to get married at some point that evening, and I want to eat cheese and crackers nonstop.