A few years ago I went to visit my family on a Saturday afternoon.  When I got there everyone (cousins/aunts, at least one sibling and parent) was watching “Police Academy” on Comedy Central.  I remember thinking “at least it doesn’t matter, it’s not like they’re a Nielsen family.”  It turned out that they were that week.

Now it’s our turn!  What I think/do FINALLY matters.  For one week, starting Thursday, Richard and I basically are the most powerful people on earth with our little Nielson Media diaries.  The non-cable TV watchers are a dying breed, but I’m glad to represent.   It’ll be officially documented that I watch “Wheel of Fortune” a lot.  Take that, “Two and a Half Men,” WE ARE NOT WATCHING YOU.  If I can reduce that show’s reruns by even the tiniest fraction, I’d feel as if I have done my job as an American.

Plus, we got $30 for our efforts.