As a non-cable TV person, I watch most shows on DVD months to years after everyone else has enjoyed them firsthand — most recently with “the Sopranos,” “The Wire,” and the first season of “Mad Men.”  If I want to discuss the shows, my friends have moved on and can’t tell Peggy from Snoop.  Instead, I have to create a dialogue with the internet (say, searching for “what’s the deal with Joan’s hair?”) and seeing what online articles I can find.  That usually leads to a few spoilers for upcoming seasons.  For instance, while reading up on “Mad Men,” I found out that the Sixties end up being a huge bummer.

I’m dissatisfied with some aspects of “Mad Men,” either with how it potrays society at that time, or because I don’t have the means to get my hair styled every week and that makes me grumpy.joan