December 2008

The Internet is adorable.  I was going through my normal Monday Web site schedule, and saw that “Why, Richmond, Why” actually answered my Ukrop’s pizza question!  It made me blush a little.


– Tropic Thunder, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, She & Him, quotation marks and italics, and the coconut candy strips I made this weekend (I hope my mom doesn’t read this, because that’s a present). 

Year-end &  best-of  lists are pretty unnecessary but I like to summarize things and make lists.  Also this makes me feel like I’ve been productive this year.

Here is a list of some of the things I liked best this year and also food that I ate this week, in no particular order.

*Samamidon, “All is Well” — Every song makes me want to cry.  So pretty!

*Peanut butter on Townhouse/Ritz crackers, dipped in white chocolate.  I am coming around on white chocolate because I am open-minded.

*Life stuff: engagement, house, graduation, “Spaced” getting released on DVD — all equally important.

*Tons of music (I’m making up for lost years): Gaslight Anthem, Santogold, the Waitresses, Oasis’s new one (really, I think that someone who has ignored them for years might be into it), Solange Knowles, Badfinger, Coldplay, and my unappreciated impression of David Byrne.  In my head I sound just like him.

*Pork medalions with rosemary.

*A bunch of these terrible store-bought soft white cookies with green frosting.  They’re like mini-cakes.  I hate them and love them.

*I watched more TV on DVD than movies.  I didn’t think that “the Dark Knight” was the best movie ever.  I don’t necessarily think that someone being dead makes a movie better.  I tend to enjoy blockbuster movies while I watch them and then never think about them again.  The only movie I have thought about more than a week after I watched it was “Role Models.”  And the scene I thought was the funniest was the one that Richard described to me because I went to the rest room.  I like most things that come from members of “The State.”  (p.s. — I also liked Iron Man a lot).

*Spinach dip with half the amount of spinach needed because I always misread instructions.  It was still pretty good.  You can’t mess up hot cheese.

*The return of “Entertainment Weekly” in my life.  Hey buddy, I missed you.

*My green kitchen.  I’m looking at it right now.  Can kitchens wink back?

*My long weekend of eating Philadelphia.

*A bag of Smart Puffs, all by myself, in only two installments.

*You have no idea how much “30 Rock” we watch.

*”How I Met Your Mother” is one of my favorite shows, and it gets funnier each season.  It’s basically “Friends,” except that the male characters aren’t constantly worried that people might think they are gay.

* A few good books I read: “It’s Superman,” (Tom DeHaven), “Marathon Man” (William Goldman — super tense), “Girls Like Us” (Sheila Weller), “Y the Last Man” (the comic series ended this year — various writers — awesome), “Fun Home” (Alison Bechdel), “Persepolis” (Marjane Satrapi) — and so on.

*I don’t have it yet, but I’m really excited about the Criterion edition of “Bottle Rocket.”

*And a million clementines.

“Why, Richmond, Why” is part of my Internet schedule (it updates on Mondays).   Readers submit questions, and Karri Peifer gets the answers, usually about who does what in the city, what some buildings used to be or what they will become, local history, traffic rules,etc.   It seems to be a popular feature.  I even have a question that I might submit.*

Since Media General purchased, the reader comments have become increasingly aggressive and mean, with complaints about the questions and snide remarks about the answers.  Come on!  It’s like “WRW” used to be a cute park and now riff raff will throw cans at you if you try to hang out.  It’s not the writer’s fault that MG took over the site (and so far I don’t notice a difference in the content, but this and the restaurant report were all that I read), and certainly what is promised from the column is delivered.

I admit, I read some blogs completely out of spite, but even I realize that it’s weird and it makes me a bad person somehow.  The negative comments are  unproductive, keep people from engaging in a dialogue (uh, about Dave and Busters opening), and worse, are making me afraid to submit my question.  I know that it sounds like I hate free speech, but that is not the case.  I just hate wasting language.

In other news, we spent all weekend traveling to/from upstate New York.  The rental car monitored the outside temperature, and we went from 13 degrees to the high 40s by the time we returned.  It was like we had traveled from space.  It was the kind of cold that is too cold to register.  Also I saw a goat at the side of the interstate in Pennsylvania. It was black and had really short legs, and if you’ve learned anything from Burgerphone, it’s that I am good at spotting goats because I have eagle eyes.

*Why is the take-home pizza from Ukrops so different from the baked-fresh pizza at Ukrops?

Visitors to Arthouse or to my last apartment may have thought that I kept a dead raccoon near my bed. You are wrong. It was actually my cat, Milhouse, and she’s quite alive. She was just severely depressed for various reasons and slept for 23 hours of the day. She has also moved about five times and has usually spent the first couple months hiding in the mattress box spring.

When we moved this past Saturday she surprised us by not only not hiding forever, but by running around, jumping on furniture, knocking things off tables — it was as if she and Ely switched bodies but also Ely was knocking over everything.

It’s been a delight to have her hang out.   Now I have two cats to get into everything and annoy me, but it’s a lot less stressful when you’re not worrying about all that noise bothering the neighbors downstairs.   I’m trying to think of something snarky to say to end this post, but I can’t. Cats are cute.  Also, we sealed the mattress box spring so if she managed to find a way to get back up I was going to seal it up again and let her die there since she loved it so much.  milhouse

Everyone who knows me knows that I have no spirit for anything.  I’m not religious, or exciteable, or able to display any pep or enthusiasm for longer than a few seconds.  I am basically dead inside.  So it should surprise no one that I would want to cancel Christmas.

What with the moving and a quick trip with the Family Elect in a couple weekends, we have no time or reason to set up the house for the holidays.  And not being able to recognize Christmas in my own home makes me wish I could skip the holidays completely.  I don’t get any real time off from work and my few hours off are already spoken for.  No egg nog for old Kelly.  Just coffee in the mornings.

But dammit if this picture from Susan doesn’t make me want to deck the halls and whatnot.


I want a tree.  But something that is this pretty is just an invitation for Ely to pull it down and then Milhouse to sleep on it for eight hours.  Bah.

Now that the house is ours, I only want to think about/be in/talk about the house.  I love it so much already.  We’re moving out of the apartment and moving into the house this week, which will be followed by a break in Internet service.  I hate moving and packing and everything, but I like having an excuse to be forgetful and unavailable, because this time it’s for real!

It took me nine hours to put together two, three-piece Ikea chairs.  I cried and fussed and dropped the Allen key a million times, while Richard patiently and quietly put together our coffee table.  I decided to man up and assembled the dresser by myself with little pain and complaint.  I think it showed a huge sign of emotional growth on my part.  I’m sure in a week two heavy sweaters will cause it to collapse and I will drop kick it into the river.  Until then.