Now that the house is ours, I only want to think about/be in/talk about the house.  I love it so much already.  We’re moving out of the apartment and moving into the house this week, which will be followed by a break in Internet service.  I hate moving and packing and everything, but I like having an excuse to be forgetful and unavailable, because this time it’s for real!

It took me nine hours to put together two, three-piece Ikea chairs.  I cried and fussed and dropped the Allen key a million times, while Richard patiently and quietly put together our coffee table.  I decided to man up and assembled the dresser by myself with little pain and complaint.  I think it showed a huge sign of emotional growth on my part.  I’m sure in a week two heavy sweaters will cause it to collapse and I will drop kick it into the river.  Until then.