Everyone who knows me knows that I have no spirit for anything.  I’m not religious, or exciteable, or able to display any pep or enthusiasm for longer than a few seconds.  I am basically dead inside.  So it should surprise no one that I would want to cancel Christmas.

What with the moving and a quick trip with the Family Elect in a couple weekends, we have no time or reason to set up the house for the holidays.  And not being able to recognize Christmas in my own home makes me wish I could skip the holidays completely.  I don’t get any real time off from work and my few hours off are already spoken for.  No egg nog for old Kelly.  Just coffee in the mornings.

But dammit if this picture from Susan doesn’t make me want to deck the halls and whatnot.


I want a tree.  But something that is this pretty is just an invitation for Ely to pull it down and then Milhouse to sleep on it for eight hours.  Bah.