“Why, Richmond, Why” is part of my Internet schedule (it updates on Mondays).   Readers submit questions, and Karri Peifer gets the answers, usually about who does what in the city, what some buildings used to be or what they will become, local history, traffic rules,etc.   It seems to be a popular feature.  I even have a question that I might submit.*

Since Media General purchased Richmond.com, the reader comments have become increasingly aggressive and mean, with complaints about the questions and snide remarks about the answers.  Come on!  It’s like “WRW” used to be a cute park and now riff raff will throw cans at you if you try to hang out.  It’s not the writer’s fault that MG took over the site (and so far I don’t notice a difference in the content, but this and the restaurant report were all that I read), and certainly what is promised from the column is delivered.

I admit, I read some blogs completely out of spite, but even I realize that it’s weird and it makes me a bad person somehow.  The negative comments are  unproductive, keep people from engaging in a dialogue (uh, about Dave and Busters opening), and worse, are making me afraid to submit my question.  I know that it sounds like I hate free speech, but that is not the case.  I just hate wasting language.

In other news, we spent all weekend traveling to/from upstate New York.  The rental car monitored the outside temperature, and we went from 13 degrees to the high 40s by the time we returned.  It was like we had traveled from space.  It was the kind of cold that is too cold to register.  Also I saw a goat at the side of the interstate in Pennsylvania. It was black and had really short legs, and if you’ve learned anything from Burgerphone, it’s that I am good at spotting goats because I have eagle eyes.

*Why is the take-home pizza from Ukrops so different from the baked-fresh pizza at Ukrops?