I gave in and bought my first wedding book today —  Offbeat Bride.  Granted, no one in the wedding party will wear Chucks and we’re not going to have father-daughter dances performed on Dance Dance Revolution, but I have enjoyed reading the website and I like her advice.  I also really like A Practical Wedding, which serves to calm me down whenever I get anxious.

I am pleased with what we have planned so far.  We’re done with our jokey ideas (though the “brick with a sheet of notebook paper tied around it and thrown through a window” save-the-dates were my favorite)(they would have said “our love is stronger than your window”)(ha).  At this point the big decisions have been decided, and it’s all coming down to the details, mainly “what will I do with my hair” and “where can I put the Doritos?”  I also think it’s important to include in the vows that at this point in my life it’s unlikely that I would enjoy watching “Top Gun” for the first time.  Which is what my first husband refused to understand (my first husband being everyone I have met up until now).

Also, I’m hoping that I have some Internet minions who can track down the dress that Martha Plimpton’s character wears in “200 Cigarettes.”  Thanks!

marthaOh maybe I can put the Doritos near my hair.  People will feel obligated to come up to me anyway and with Doritos near me it will at least give them something else to do.