I can’t stop listening to the two new Peter Bjorn and John songs posted on Stereogum.   They’re pretty awesome.  I don’t know when the new album comes out but now I have two things to look forward to this year.

I gave myself a three-day weekend during which minimal accomplishments were made, including:

I learned a valuable lesson about fuelperks! not being that great of a deal (I’m ashamed to admit that I drove an extra mile to redeem the last of my ten cents just to find out when I came home that the gas station on the corner was cheaper post-discount anyway).

I learned that the Target near me is more expensive on purpose.

I watched the new episode of “Flight of the Conchords” on HBO.com and didn’t laugh once.  I will blame this on the economy, but only this time.

I think I have perfected buttermilk biscuits!  The secret (which apparently everyone else knows) is to make the dough in a food processor.  Now I just need a biscuit cutter instead of a plastic cup and I’m all set.

Also I’m one step closer to perfecting delicious pizza.   My next pizza attempt will aim for a better cheese than store-bought shredded mozzarella, a garlicky crust, and a thicker sauce.  I get really excited for my associate that he is marrying me because  I’ve downgraded my life’s goals to involve only things that we can eat.

I also watched “The Godfather” for the first time.  There are some movies that I don’t see until 20 years later but I immediately get: “Rocky,” “Jaws,” “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.”  While I liked “The Godfather” and can see how it’s culturally important, I thought it was missing something.  At first I thought heart, but that’s probably just me wanting to like the characters.  Once Sonny died it was pretty lifeless.   He and Papa Don offered the only motivation or personality.

But of course I have been saturated in DVDs of WB/CW series so anything that doesn’t feature troubled teenagers is hard to rate right now.