I lovingly wrote an outline for a new movie called “Gang Planes.”

It’s about rival gangs who are flying home from a gang-related event in Chicago back to D.C. — one flight is set to land at Reagan, the other at Dulles, but due to a booking error, the gangs are mixed up.  They call a truce and decide the best way to handle the mix up is to have the planes fly next to each other (the pilots are also former gang members and are okay with this) and the gang members will get in their race cars and jump from one plane to the other until the correct gang members are on the correct flights.  But — oh no! — one gang leader’s younger sister and the other gang leader are not just near planes that fly — they are near sparks that fly, in a romantically comedic fashion.

This movie will have everything: cars, planes, jokes about plane food, gang members, love, Dennis Hopper.   Gang Planes!

I have read a book about how to write movie scripts, so I’m going to start working on it.   I recently watched parts of “Death Race” with Richard so judging by that I’m guessing that it’s easy to get movies made.