There are many things I am most excited about when it comes to getting married, including the boxed dinner that our caterer said she would make for us to take home, the adorable babies that are not invited to the ceremony but that we might see anyway, the honeymoon, and meeting Rich’s friends and my new internet best pals.   Oh also getting married.

Some back story: Years ago I got too poor to make my car payment with my record store income and had to move back in with my parents, and after that I became pretty good about my money —  saving it, spending it, not spending it when I didn’t have it.  I thought that everyone thought that I was weird about money, but now in these lean times I feel like a financial wizard.  Also I now work in finance so I am a limited expert anyway, at least on what everyone is doing wrong.

So excuse my nerdiness when I think that one of the neater things about buying a house was that we were able to push the economy forward by hundreds of thousands of dollars.  That two newbies came into the market and took a house off someone’s hands was able to create a chain of buying and selling and getting new shower curtains at Target.  You’re welcome, America!  Glad to do it.

Same with the wedding.  We have a modest budget, and although we didn’t discuss it much beforehand, my associate and I have managed to have a very Richmond-friendly wedding.  The vendors and venue that we’re using are still just starting out and have been a pleasure to work with.  I won’t name names yet in case terrible things happen in the next quarter and I am boycotting something.   It’s more responsible than romantic, but it’s cool to think that we are creating business for people/things that we like.  I know it’s not going to make anyone rich but it’s still nice.

We did have to splurge on this thing I read about on the Internet:  We are having an ice sculpture flown in from Holland.  It’s being chiseled there and flown in on a private jet that we had to rent with two handlers to keep it cool.  It’s a six-foot sculpture of Noel Gallagher and Bruce Springsteen arm wrestling.  It’s putting us back by about $11,000 (most of that is just for the jet) but it’s totally worth it.  I want to think that I have wanted this since I was a little girl.