My sister and I made a giggly-pact after New Kids on the Block reunited that if a concert was less than two hours away and less than $30 that we would see them. Months have passed. They have announced a show in March at the Richmond Coliseum. I’m sure it will be more than $30, but will be about 15 minutes away (sources have confirmed that it’s $39, before service fees)(ok the source is my friend Mandy, whose cassette of “Funky Funky Christmas” I may or may not have taken when we lived together– I didn’t do it on purpose).

NKOTB ruled my emotions when I was 8-10. One Christmas I opened a new Cabbage Patch Kid doll, and in the box was a ticket to see them in concert.  Perfect childhood moment.  Thanks, guys. That was nearly 20 years ago, at the Richmond Coliseum.  I remember screaming all the way up into the building.  My little sign that said “Joey Joe” was crumpled by the time the show started during an encounter where I was convinced that I saw the guys on motorcycles downtown.  But even at the concert, I sat down during the second half, almost falling asleep.  I was over it a little already.

I was excited about the reunion news.  I just so happened to call in sick the day they performed on the “Today” show, and though that wasn’t really why I called in that’s what I told my supervisor, and I still hear jokes about it. But, you know, I’m not ten anymore. If I were 29 in 1988 I wouldn’t like NKOTB.  I’m even a little afraid of the Jonas Brothers (why are their jeans so skinny?). Little Kelly liked a lot of things that I wouldn’t care for now, like baloney and butter sandwiches and “America’s Funniest Homes Videos.”

I regret not seeing Fiona Apple when she came to Richmond (I love that little crazy pants), I feel bad that I didn’t see They Might Be Giants at Toad’s Place. But I think I would regret if I DID see NKOTB. It would just be too sad.