While at David’s Bridal with my sister helping her shop for  a wedding dress, I overheard another woman tell her friend, “I don’t know what’s harder to believe: that you’re getting married or that you’re going to spend $600.”  It could be said about the best of us.

Since I was under-budget on some of my own wedding things I treated myself to a pair of Campers.  I have wanted them forever, and actually forgot that I have wanted them forever until I came across them online.  They were super cheap (for Campers) and the type of little brown shoe that I have pictured on my feet while we stomp around on our honeymoon.

camperThey are simple and comfortable.  However since my feet aren’t that big and these fit so close to the foot so that they’re practically leather socks, they make me look like I have baby feet.  When I walk it looks like the shoes that would be put on a puppet that was being made to walk.  I like them anyway, I just wanted to point it out before everyone made fun of my tiny, puppet feet.

In other (and probably more significant than shoes) news, we had a quick trip up to Williamsburg to see my new favorite people AP & Bret.  They were awesome and gave us dinosaur cookie cutters.  Amanda was at William & Mary to read from her book “It Still Moves,” which is a fun (and informative!) history of Americana music and what it meant then and now.  It’s also a rough guide for some of the places I want to visit when we go to Tennessee, so I was doubly excited to read it.  We also ate a fancy dinner on William & Mary’s dime and got to watch cable.  All elements of a successful weekend.

Okay, back to shoes.  During my agonizing (for the Internet) search for fancy shoes I looked for multiple brands/styles on endless, zappos, shoes -.com and found that amazon.com was always the cheapest.  Take that, everyone!

Also it’s snowing.  A lot.  But you guys probably already knew that.  And I really wish that I had eaten the pineapple that was put out at the reception after Amanda’s reading.  Why do I always chose free wine over free pineapple?