I like to think that “where’s the beef” is what my thousands of readers ask their Google reader buddies when they are upset that Burgerphone hasn’t updated lately. I know that I offer a valuable service, mainly giving Internet searchers for “fat girls” and “powhite goat” a satisfactory link to read (I did actually address, and then later kill and eat, the goat).

Here is the beef: my associate no longer thinks that I’m funny. My only recent jokes have been “How about someone being convicted of a Fonzie Scheme — how cool would that be?” and chuckling to myself while thinking about that Gas-X commercial where the guy says, “your son Rip is on line toot.”

I cannot be “on” all the time. I’m not a joke machine. I’m not a staff for a comedy show. Sometimes (for instance, all of the time) I just want to kick back and play Freecell and shop online and not worry about entertaining anyone.