At my bridal shower this weekend my Grandma read an article I wrote for my family newsletter (which has survived despite what this economy has done to family newsletters nationwide).  I was 19 when I wrote this, and it was basically a checklist of things I had failed to do before I turned 20, one of which was to marry Fred Savage.

What?  I don’t even remember being in love with Fred Savage.  What if I forget about Richard when I’m 39?  My heart has the worst memory, apparently.

My column in the family newsletter was called “What in the World?”  I was thirteen when I started writing it.  I remember letting my grandfather read my composition notebook filled with sample columns as if I were on a job interview.  My riff on Aunt Mare’s jello salad was what won me my first of five Newts (the family newsletter industry prize — it was a pretty big deal).